Faculty/Staff Rideshare

Are you tired of making that long commute alone?
Do you want to save money on gas?  

Penn State Transportation is pleased to partner with CATA to provide transportation options to campus and the surrounding area through CATACOMMUTE.  

CATACOMMUTE is a family of CATA services that includes RideShare, Vanpool, and Guaranteed Ride Home programs. These programs are designed to assist long distance commuters in finding a shared ride with someone who travels at the same time and to a relatively similar destination. The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program provides an emergency ride home for those in RideShare arrangements when the need arises, taking the fear out of being stranded.  


Rideshare is a free ride-matching service that helps commuters find easy and economical ways to get to and from work via carpools and vanpools. Using CATA’s web-based system participants can identify rideshare opportunities, and contact potential matches through confidential emails. 

Vanpool Program

The Vanpool program assists groups of 7-12 riders share their commute in a 12-passenger van that is provided by CATA.  

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

The Guaranteed Ride Home program takes the worry out of being stranded. CATA is aware of the possible emergency needs faced by commuters, and has addressed this concern through this program.  

Park & Ride

Park & Ride provides inexpensive commuter lot parking for those working in Downtown State College. Eligible employees who work downtown can purchase a monthly hang tag, which allows them to park in the commuter lots on the east side of the Penn State campus and then take a fare-free bus to their destination.