Student Rideshare

Are you tired of making that long commute alone?
Do you want to save money on gas?
Would you like to share a ride on your next trip?

Why not sign up for RideShare? This free ride-matching program helps commuters find easy and economical ways to get to and from campus via car and vanpools. has partnered with Penn State’s Transportation Services to offer students an alternative to driving. Looking for a way to assist with the going green efforts at Penn State? Ridesharing is a perfect way to get to where you're going in a way that's both environmentally and wallet friendly.

Your personal information is never shared with potential riders. You decide when you are comfortable and make contact with others who are looking to share a ride.  

When you register for RideShare, you’ll get a list of the convenient transportation options available to you—and a RideMatch list with the names and telephone numbers of other members who live in or commute through your area. Simply call someone from this list to ask for a ride—or offer one. 

Visit to get started RideSharing!

Visit CATACOMMUTE to see other options.